Dead Burnt Magnesia

Dead Burned Magnesite

Dashiqiao Yutong Refractories offers a wide variety of high quality magnesium oxide raw material.

Dead Burned Magnesite is produced with selected natural magnesia through purifying,sintering in a shaft kiln at a controlled temperature of 1750 degree centigrade and its chemically inactive.Yutong’s sintered magnesite products with good sintered,calcinations uniform and quality stability.Please Contact us for more information

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Dead Burned Magnesite

Application for manufacturing of Basic Refractory Bricks,Ramming Mass,Fettlingmaterial,Magnesite Mortar,SLAG splashing in Furnaces and as a coating material in Steel Industry.

Chemical Testing

A certificate of analysis is supplied with every shipment. It indicates the key parameters requested for the application that the product is destined for. Chemical analysis and particle size distribution are the main parameters

Brand Specification MgO ≥%SiO2 ≤% CaO ≤%Fe2O3 ≤%L.O.I ≤%Bulk Density ≥g/cm3Size mm File Contact
YTDBM-97 97.00.75 1.501.000.303.270-30,
YTDBM-95 95.02.00 2.001.500.503.150-30,
YTDBM-92 92.04.00 1.801.500.803.0010-40,
YTDBM-90 90.04.50 3.001.801.003.000-1,1-3,3-5,