MgO-C Bricks

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MgO-C Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Product Properties:Refractory
Details:This series of products is made from high-purity,large crystal magnesite and high-purity flake graphite as raw materials.They have been widely used in steelworks woridwide and show the features of high strength,excellent resistance against slag,good thermal shock resistance,and good performances.
  • Application

    It is mainly used in furnace lining of steelmaking oxidation converter, outlet of steel outlet, hot spot of high power electric furnace wall, lining of furnace outer furnace and steel drum slag line.

  • Advantage

    It has excellent slag resistance, slag penetration, thermal shock stability and thermal conductivity.

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Apparent porosity
Bulk density
Cold crushing strength
Hot modulus of rupture
File Contact
LR-mt-14a ≥76 ≥14 ≤4 ≥2.95 ≥40 ≥14
LR-mt-14B ≥74 ≥14 ≤5 ≥2.90 ≥35 ≥12
LR-mt-10a ≥80 ≥10 ≤4 ≥2.95 ≥40 ≥6
LR-mt-5a ≥85 ≥5 ≤6 ≥2.95 ≥30 ≥6