Large Crystal Fused Magnesia

Dashiqiao Yutong Refractories offers a wide variety of high quality magnesium oxide raw material.

Fused Magnesia (Big Crystal) is manufactured through fusing high quality caustic calcined magnesite at high temperature in electric arc furnace with the characteristics of complete crystal, dense texture, good high temperature performance and strong corrosion resistance, whose MgO content is between 97 – 99%.

Fused Magnesia (Ordinary Grade) is manufactured through fusing high quality raw magnesite in electric arc furnace with the characteristics of big crystal, dense structure and strong corrosion resistance.  As an excellent basic refractory raw material, its MgO content is between 87 – 98%.

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Large Crystal Fused Magnesia Products

Application for manufacture of high grade magnesia bricks, magnesia carbon bricks and monolithic refractories, regenerative chamber in the large scale glass furnace by floating method, electrical furnace, convert furnace, house hold electrical appliances as electrical insulating materials and so on.

Chemical Testing

A certificate of analysis is supplied with every shipment. It indicates the key parameters requested for the application that the product is destined for. Chemical analysis and particle size distribution are the main parameters

Brand Specification MgO ≥%SiO2 ≤% CaO ≤%Fe2O3 ≤%Al2O3 ≤%L.O.I ≤%Bulk Density ≥g/cm3Size mm File Contact
YT LCFM98.2 98.20.40 0.800.450.150.103.500-1mm;
100-325 mesh
YT LCFM98 98.00.50 1.000.500.150.153.50
YT LCFM97.5 97.50.65 1.300.650.150.203.48
YT LCFM97 97.00.80 1.500.800.150.203.48
YT LCFM96.5 96.51.00 1.601.
YT FM98 97.70.60 1.200.600.200.203.50
YT FM97.5 97.50.70 1.400.700.200.203.48
YT FM97 97.0 0.75 1.50 0.80 0.20 0.20 3.45